Workshop Option #1: An exploration of Jung’s principle concepts through Mandala drawing

  • Sat, February 26, 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Online Zoom Webinar


Workshop Option #1: An exploration of Jung’s principle concepts through Mandala drawing

This lecture and workshop series will take the participants on an intimate journey through Jung’s alchemical work bringing light to the healing  process, the journey of individuation and the synchronicity that exist between dream work, astrology and Alchemy. These entertaining and interactive presentations will leave the participants inspired to integrate these elements in their personal and professional practices. Martin brings 30 years of studies and practice to his lively and engaging  presentations.

In his books, Aion: Researches into the phenomenology of the self, Carl Gustav Jung brought light to the concept of ego, shadow, the syzygy: anima and animus, and then proposed a definition, central to his philosophy and methods, his empiric concept of the Self. Elsewhere he speaks of the conscious and unconscious, both personal and collective, of the introvert and the extrovert, of the four functions, all concepts that have now become mainstream. All these scientific researches led him to define the process of individuation or what he called the development of the personality. Join Martin for an insightful and entertaining  workshop as he bring to life the finer points of the work of Carl Gustav Jung through Mandala drawing  as we explore the quest for the realization of the Self.

Bring a sketch book, a compass, a protractor, a ruler and some drawing tools to help you make the best of this engaging workshop.


Martin has been a student of Astrology and various forms of Mysticism for most of his life. He began his astrology practice 12 years ago and through the perils of analysis developed a passion for Jung and his work. In reading Jung’s alchemical works his astrology was greatly influenced and his practice enhanced by the concepts of analytical psychology. In 2017, while in a winter retreat, Martin tackled Jung’s magnum opus the Mysterium Coniunctionis, his last major work. Inspired by this text Martin began a journey of articulating his ideas in what he calls "The Healer and The Dreamer: Astrology for a New Age". This book and workshop series seeks to provide the healer, the artist and the mystic with insight into dream work, astrology, alchemy and the techniques of the analytical psychology Carl Gustav Jung . These workshops he is presenting are part of this series.

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